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The pursuit of the ultimate TV viewing experience is a noble quest and one that can lead to a lifetime of happy evenings spent in front of the box. This event is all about creating TV nirvana!

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Who is this event for?

This event is for anyone who wants to enjoy the very best TV set-up in their home that will blow their family away with incredible sounds and visuals. It’s also for industry professionals who want to learn more about how to provide the best possible TV experience for their clients.

Event details

This event includes a half hour talk and the opportunity to sit and watch some of the very greatest TV screens on the planet!


12pm – Half hour talk
12.30pm –Demos and trade show

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What to wear

No dress code.

Visit for more info.


What will I lean?

You’ll learn about the factors that go into the perfect TV set-up and come away knowing all about hurtz, FPS, definition, panels, cabling and more. You’ll learn how to get the very best receptions and you’ll learn where to source parts and services.

How much are tickets?

This event is completely free.


Mead Rd, Cheltenham,United Kingdom
Cheltenham, United States